Owner’s Representative

Combining Leadership With

Interior Designers

A shared work ethic, focus on the details and artistry approach to our craft is what makes for the collaborative designer relationships we nurture and build


We’ve built relationships with some of New York City’s top architects based upon trust, communication and mutual respect to bring their visions to life


Our long-standing relationships with experts focused on a specific craft or technique allows us to assemble a trusted, tailored team for each client project


Our long-standing collaborations with the top kitchen and bath showrooms in the region bring product knowledge together with installation and project synergy for our clients

Detail Consulting Group implements your vision from conception to completion.

Based in New York City, David Dynega is making his long history of excellence in high-end construction, his extensive contacts with service professionals, and a superlative catalog of top-flight vendors available to home buyers, builders, and owners in the tri-state area.  Any resource that is needed will be handled carefully and with perfection.

David Dynega possesses the vision to see what every project needs and what will make it the most efficient all while fulfilling the owner’s vision, saving the owner from stress and often costly mistakes.

Detail Consulting acts as the owner’s most important staff member, to be their eyes and ears, and to handle every detail and every person involved in a project. Services include: to protect the owner’s interests in every situation, to make sure all the work done is of high quality and completed on time, and to assure that every need of the owner is met and fulfilled whether the owner is on-site in the home or not.

Building a home or moving into an existing one is complex. Detail Consulting will assemble and seamlessly coordinate with a selection of specialists including architects, interior designers, contractors, and vendors, while overseeing every detail,  keeping the owner apprised regularly of progress.

Detail Consulting knows how to untangle any red tape and handles the complicated paperwork involved in any project.  Once the house is complete, Detail Consulting will be on site to handle any emergencies, upkeep, and any other issues that might arise. Detail Consulting also manages attendant yachts as part of the package.

Why use an Owner’s Representative?

For busy professionals who don’t have time to organize every facet of any project, as it is being formulated, and maintained. Detail Consulting can top market experience and in-depth product knowledge to make sure the project goes well, on-schedule, saving the owner from worry, costly delays, and any kind of confusion. Moreover, Detail Consulting will bring only the finest, most-vetted professionals available, to every aspect of the project and maintenance once the project is completed.

Detail Consulting will be there to handle every aspect and transmit information to the owner, so that one clear decision can be made, eliminating confusion and providing full transparency throughout the project.  And Detail Consulting is flexible regarding the owner’s needs.

Owners should think of Detail Consulting as ensuring their quality of life around any home project they are undertaking, as their in-house company that will make any project, home or yacht, seamless.

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