Yacht Maintenance & Management

Detail Consulting Group will remove the stress associated with yachting, so that you can simply enjoy your time on the water.

Just as hiring an Owner’s Representative to manage one’s home simplifies and removes the pressure of the day-to-day upkeep, Yacht Management removes the stress of owning a yacht.  So that the owner can enjoy yachting, relax, be worry-free and leave all the issues of the crew, maintenance, insurance and staff certificate verification to Detail Consulting.

Detail Consulting can function as the yacht owner’s most important staff member, to handle every aspect of vessel maintenance and upkeep (including implementation of planned scheduled maintenance), renovation, support services, certificate validations, crew and Captain solutions, insurance, and crew placement. Detail Consulting will function as the yacht owner’s eyes and ears, and all decisions will come from one centralized place.

With Detail Consulting, every yacht owner is offered a tailor-made program for their needs and wants regarding their vessel.  And to support and advise the yacht owners and organize any facet of any project concerning their yacht ownership. Detail Consulting will bring only the finest, most-vetted, professionals available to the owner, saving time, costly delays, and any kind of confusion.

Detail Consulting will handle all shipyard management, vessel upkeep, operational issues and ensure all safety regulations are met.  Yacht Management ensures the quality of life around any and every aspect of the owner’s yacht life, undertaking every detail as the owner’s in-house Yacht Management company that will make any project seamless.

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